Netheravon in Bloom 2021

The results for Netheravon in Bloom are in!


Overall Judges Comments:

Our “lockdown displays” in the village have done everyone who contributed to them proud and lifted spirits of the gardeners as well as those of the passers-by.  The judges noted many displays which helped our natural pollinators survive and thrive, well done to those gardeners in particular.  The village looked special and has shown off its community spirit once again.  Thank you to all who have tried, and to those who have succeeded, your efforts have made us all feel better as we walked around our village

Judges Comments


Location Placed Comments
Pound Northern corner3Colourful “ball” of plants with petunia Impatiens and Begonia. Well looked after. Impactful at village entrance.
Pound Southeast cornerNot Planted this spring.
Pound Southwest cornerA bit too much white for such a prominent tub at village entrance It could have been more colourful.
High StreetCosmos out competing other species, will be at peak in 2 weeks.
Queensway2Good height and colour, fully planted and well-tended, more colour to come as well. Well thought through. Dahlia, Geranium and other spp work so well together.
Bottom of Alfie’s pathUse of Lilly and Sweet Peas is unique, but some annual plants needed attention.
Phoenix HallPlanting random and some weeds.
Harefield #1Like the use of a plant tub for runner beans - unique and has impact at the entrance.
Harefield #1Like the use of a plant tub for runner beans - unique and has impact at the entrance.
Harefield #2Colourful display but tub not full of plants.
Whitmarsh CloseContinues its use of sustainable succulents from last year and has an obvious seaside theme. Well done to person tending this tub.
Hales Road1Colourful variety of plants with more to come, use of Lavender, Dahlia and Lobelia adds breadth.


Location Placed Comments
#1Many different crops, some composting and fruit crops.
#2Not used to its full extent, has some fruit cropping.
#8AA little too weedy to be placed in the judges opinion.
#8BRaised beds, some under construction, will make this an allotment one to watch in the future.
#9A2Good variety of crops and an especially well-tended plot, an early-adopter grower with a fruit cage, well done!
#9BThis plot was a little overgrown in the judges opinion, and therefore not placed.
#10A1Well weeded and immaculate plot with a very good variety of veg, the judges liked the attention to detail (e.g. wooden edges to the plot).
#10BGood but not quite there for a place in the competition.
#11A3Good variety of veg and especially use of salad crops that had not been allowed to “blow”. Shows constant tending of the plot in the judges’ opinion.
#12AA good effort. Many crop types but the judges thought it was perhaps not as often weeded as it might be, e.g. some lettuce had blown. Good runner beans.
#12BGood. Sweetcorn and potatoes especially.

Gardens & Hanging Baskets

Location Front Garden Hanging Basket Placed Comments
Avon Park - 8FG2Great use of such a small space, so well done. Cottage garden effect, Phlox and Fuchsia especially welcomed by the bees.
Court Farm Close - 10FGGood use of the space, Fuchsia dominant pots on gravel.
Court Farm Close - 11FGCottage garden and good lawn to set it off, using different colours to set off the display.
Court Farm Close - 31FGGravel and grass to set off the planting. Variety of planting, trellis fence allows colour to be seen from both sides.
High Street - 1 Stone VillasFGGravel fronted cottage garden, fabulous sunflowers.
High Street - 101FGGood rose arbour in the front and prominent village position.
High Street - Flint HouseFGMature cottage garden which suits the house with new planting in front of the wall, a lot of work put in.
High Street - Post HouseFG3Beautiful, neat cottage garden with specimen planting and raised beds. Good variety of planting in a very prominent garden to the village entrance.
High Street 105FG4 baskets but not full enough to be placed in the judges opinion.
Mill Road - Mill ViewFGGood Hosta display and use of tubs in such a small space. A prominent place in the village.
Queensway - 1FGGood colourful display, only not placed due to gardener being a Parish Councillor.
Vicarage Gardens - 18FGA beautiful small garden that stands out in the road, so well done, good use of annuals.
West Court - 5FG1Dahlia and Lilly in fine show at judging time. A well-loved garden with lots of colour and interest - amazing.
Whitmarsh Close - 17FGLate roses and Dahlia, and some new cherry tree planting will help set off this garden in the future.
Court Farm Close - 10HBColourful full basket, with Lobelia dominant.
Court Farm Close - 27HB2Fabulous use of the lamppost with so many baskets with so much colour. Excellent.
Court Farm Road - 10HBHad baskets and wall brackets and many species, great colour and a wonderful display. Well done.
Court Farm Road - 11HBSome fine baskets. Overall appearance of these 3 houses was excellent, and a clearly a community.
Court Farm Road - 9HB4 baskets, providing good colourful display.
Piggots Close - 638HB=34 Beautiful baskets so well presented against the painted wall background make them special. Colourful, full and large.
Vicarage Gardens - 2HBSome good baskets but on the day of judging the recent wind had reduced their appeal, a shame.
Vicarage Gardens - 20HB1A number of full colourful baskets and wall hangings. Colour coordinated - wonderful display and yet tucked away.
Wain’s Way - 5HB=3Such height and colour coordinated, so well done. Probably the biggest single basket display in the village.