Notes of the planning meeting held on Tuesday, 23rd November, 2021 at 6pm in the Phoenix Hall.

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Cllrs:  Charles Coslett, Richie Ayling, David Jaffray, Pam Perry, Steve Perry, Fred Collison

Wiltshire Councillor Ian Blair-Pilling

Mark Doodes, Agent for developer

12 members of the public


  • Introduction by the Chairman of Netheravon Planning Committee, Cllr. Charles Coslett.
  • The two applications to be discussed are:


PL/2021/10078 Erection of one pair of semi-detached two storey dwellings and associated infrastructure at land at corner of Pigott Close and Salisbury Road

PL/2021/10625 Erection of single detached four-bed self-build dwelling and associated infrastructure at land to the side of Pigott Close and Salisbury Road.


Comments by members of the public


  • Road Safety:  The junction with Pigott Close and the A345 is on the inside of the curve in the road and downhill.  Only 38 metres can be seen from the junction with Highway Code stopping distance at 50mph of 53 metres, this was thought to be too little.   The visibility would be cut down dramatically if the detached house is built.   There is also the possibility of traffic overtaking at this point.
  • The proposed 50cm hedge would always grow beyond this and restrict visibility even further.
  • There was a fatality at this junction in 2015 and many other serious incidents.   The vehicle count would go up if extra houses are built.
  • In the evening there are 50 vehicles parked in Pigott Close.   The 7 allocated parking spaces for the new houses does not account for visitors to the properties.
  • The detached house would be overlooking the back gardens of residents of Thorne Road and Pigott Close so there would be a loss of privacy
  • The appearance of the houses is not in keeping with the rest of the houses in Pigott Close.   They should have the same visual appearance.
  • The detached house could be for multiple occupancy 
  • An approach has been made to a resident of Thorne Road to sell their garden
  • The sewerage system is a very old system and extra houses connected to it could cause more problems
  • Provision should be made for off road loading and unloading
  • Trees have been cut down prior to the survey and application being submitted
  • The site would be overdeveloped
  • The Post Box and telegraph pole would have to be relocated
  • Hours of operation must be stipulated


Comments by Mark Goodes, private planner - acting for Applicant


  • Parking is a weakness in the application
  • It might be possible to have no landscaping or low picket fencing around the property to help with visibility
  • Provision could be made for extra visitor spaces
  • He would provide drawings with visibility splays
  • Overlooking of gardens would not happen as the house would look towards the fields
  • There is a housing shortfall in the area
  • The detached house would not be a multiple dwelling as that would be a different classification
  • The sewerage system is adopted and Wessex Water would be consulted as a Statutory Consultee
  • He has noted the comments about the appearance of the properties and they would be changed to be more in keeping with the rest of the area


Comments by Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling, Wiltshire Councillor


Cllr. Blair-Pilling informed residents that this planning application would be called in to Committee if the Planning Officer is minded to approve it.

If this happens he will have the opportunity to speak at the Planning Committee, the Parish Council can speak for 3 minutes and one member of the public can also speak for 3 minutes.


Planning Committee


It was RESOLVED that Netheravon Parish Council object to these applications on the grounds of:

  • Highway access
  • Overdevelopment of site
  • Sight lines of property and highway access
  • Development is outside Netheravon Settlement Boundary
  • Parking
  • Road Safety – stopping distance, accidents including recent fatality
  • Appearance of buildings
  • Detached house to have front door onto the busy main road