Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 14th September 2017 at the Phoenix Hall, Netheravon

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr. J. TigheChairman
Cllr. T. BarkerVice Chairman
Cllr. Mrs. L. Barker
Cllr. D. Burke
Cllr. F. Collison
Cllr. B. Covil
Cllr. R. Hayward
Cllr. A. Linscer
Cllr. P. Mackay
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
In Attendance:Mrs. Mary TowleClerk of the Council
WO1 Kevin MorrisMoD Liaison Officer


The Clerk reported that she has received apologies from PCSO Maria Downham. The Community Newsletter has been received and passed on to all Councillors. Crimes recorded for Netheravon are:

  • 4 reports of theft of batteries for electric fencing in separate locations
  • 1 report of anti-social behaviour.


The WOl Kevin Morris attended the meeting and reported that he will not be attending the meetings on a regular basis in the future. However if there are any problems which need his attention he is happy to action them and attend a meeting if there is a need.

Kevin mentioned that he has made enquiries and has found that Aspire own Airfield Camp Road and would be the people to contact for the street lighting. Landmarc  are responsible for the trees and undergrowth along the road. The Clerk will contact Aspire and Landmarc.

The Chairman thanked Kevin for all his efforts on behalf ofNetheravon Parish Council since he has been the MoD Liaison Officer.


Cllr. Blair-Pilling reported that:

  1. There is a new senior management structure at Wiltshire Council
  2. A September Highways Update has been issued. The Parish Steward schedule has been issued.
  3. There is a consultation on the development of a new waste management strategy - go to www.wiltshire.gov.uk to take part. Consultation will end on 14th November 2017. There is a refurbishment programme for recycling centres.
    • The Recycling Centre at Amesbury will close from21/11/2017- 1/12/2017
    • The Recycling Centre at Everleigh will close from 23/10/2017- 28/10/2017.
  4. Cllr. Blair-Pilling advised that some people have expressed discontent that Wiltshire Council will no longer be sending out paper copies of planning applications. He reported that he has checked with the Planning Department and have been assured that developers who are applying to build several houses will be encouraged to present to Parish Councils and to provide hard copies of the plans.

Cllr. Burke asked that Cllr. Blair-Pilling investigate the possibility of hatches being put on the road at Longbarrow Roundabout as it has proved a success at Countess Roundabout.


There were no members of the public in attendance.



There were no apologies given



There were no Declaration  of Interests



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 13th July, 2017 and 14th August, 2017 be accepted as a true record.



a. Update on Biker event at Dog and  Gun

Cllr. Tighe reported that the event went reasonably smoothly as far as he knows. There was camping in the Park, but the campers were no trouble and cleared up any mess. Cllr. Hayward advised that there were a couple of incidents and that there were notices in the pub telling customers that there was no camping in Netheravon.

b. Update on A345 Traffic Calming

Cllr. Mackay reported that he has been in touch with Gareth Rodgers from Wiltshire Council who informed him that the signs are at the planning stage. He asked for designs for the signs. Several Councillors promised to come up with ideas and it was suggested that the school might be involved.

c. Meeting with Junior School Head

Cllr. Tighe informed the Council that he has a meeting planning with the School Head. Suggestions for topics to discuss were: Can the Youth Club use the School Hall when the Phoenix Hall is in use? Parking/car park and defibrillator.



17/07181/FUL FULL PLANNING  APPLICATION for a new access onto field adjacent to Highview, Salisbury Road.

Parish Council Comments: Object. Visibility and road safety.

It was agreed that a letter be sent to the owner of the field asking him to close the informal entrance as he promised to do at the Planning Meeting. Cllr. Hayward asked for it to be noted that he was not in agreement with this decision.

The Clerk reported that the footpath from the Corfe up to the stile at Mill  Road is not on the definitive map. She agreed to start the process of putting it on the Map with Wiltshire Council.

Application  For Street Trading Consent for fast food van on layby on the A345 between Netheravon and Figheldean. Every day 06:00 - 18:00

Parish Council Comments: Support providing Portaloo is provided.



Approval  of Accounts

It was RESOLVED to approve the accounts for the months, July, August and September 2017.


DD SEB £34.00

02487 Hurdcott Landscape £199.60

02488 Viking Direct £66.20

DD SEB-clock £11.47

02489 Payroll £640.51

02493 Speed Kills stickers £20.00

02494 Roger Hayward -  filing cabinet £30.00


02495 PB Little £1500.00

DD SEB £11.04

02496 Mrs. M. Towle -  Moneysoft £114.00

02497 Hurdcott Landscapes £295.60

02498 Payroll £857.25


02501 DC Warne - fencing £2148.00

02502 Hurdcott Landscaping £199.60

02503 MOD Cemetery water £13.28

02506 Mrs. M. Towle- Viking Direct £61.09

02507 Phoenix Hall -  Hire £30.00

Total £6231.64



1. AWF and Stewardship

a. WW1 Trees

It was agreed to put the trees in the Cemetery and to plant one tree for each person from Netheravon, Fittleton and Enford who died in WWI.

b. 1 tonne bag salt

It was agreed to order the salt and have it delivered to RGV Engineering. It could then be stored in the bus shelters.

2. Enhancement  and Cemetery

a. The Clerk reported that the Cemetery gravel path needs weeding. It was agreed that Hurdott Landscaping be asked to spray the path and define the edge.

b. A meeting will be arranged shortly at the Cemetery to discuss the WW1 trees and other items.  Clerk to arrange.

3. Millennium Park

  • It was reported that Landmarc had inspected the trees in the Millennium Park and found that a fir tree was in danger of falling so an emergency order was obtained from Wiltshire Council allowing Landmarc to fell the tree.
  • It was agreed that a notice with rules of the park should be made and put up.   The Clerk agreed to design a noticeboard and send to all for additions/approval.
  • The Clerk will ask the Council's contractors to strim along the left side of church path.



  • Tidworth Community  Area Board

The next meeting will be on 18th September.

  • Tidworth Community Area Partnership

Nothing to report

  • CATG

Cllr. Mackay reported that the HGV signs for Old Post Office Lane still had not been installed. He will chase.



  • Car Park Fencing

The Chairman reported that a close board fencing has been erected. The notice will go up in due course.

  • Access to main entrance  for wheelchair users

It was agreed that the Parish Council, together with Fittleton Parish Council would pay for a concrete apron at the entrance of the Phoenix Hall which will be suitable for wheelchair users. Three quotations will be obtained.

  • Budget

It was reported that the Phoenix Hall Management Committee have been asked for a breakdown of expenditure so that the Parish Council can fix their budget without the fear of any unexpected requests for grants. The Parish Council have already pledged £2400 (Fittleton Parish Council £600) for match funding for the next Area Board Grant Application on the understanding that a partition wall will be built to extend the Store Room.



  • BT Phone Box

It was agreed that the Clerk should apply to adopt the disused phone box in the High Street.

  • Allotments

The Clerk reported that there are several vacant allotments. She agreed to advertise this in the Newsletter.

  • War Memorial

The Clerk advised that the hedge at the back of the War Memorial needs cutting. Cllr. Covil advised that he usually asks the Parish Steward to do this. He agreed to put this on his list of jobs for the Steward.

The Clerk asked if anyone would like to volunteer to look after the flag and flag pole which is erected at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday. Cllr. Burke volunteered to store them and Cllr. Linscer volunteered to put the flag up.

Cllr. Hayward advised that the War Memorial is getting very dull. The Clerk will get it cleaned by a stonemason.

  • Parish Steward

The Parish Steward will be in the Village on 21st and 25th September, 2017. Cllr. Covil will supervise and give him a list of jobs to do.



  1. Family Learning Festival will visit Netheravon on 17th  and 24th  October, 2017.
  2. Highways Newsletter -  circulated to all by email
  3. Community  First AGM on 11th  October
  4. WALC Newsletter -  circulated to all by email
  5. Wiltshire Council Briefing Note -  disabled parking bays -  circulated  by email
  6. Wiltshire Council Briefing Note -  Waste Services Update -  circulated  by email



  1. Defibrillator - Cllr. Burke will find out terms for an extra defibrillator to be put into the disused BT phone box on the High  Street.
  2. Airfield Camp Road. Street lights 1, 2, and 3 do not work, the lime trees need cutting back and the verge needs cutting.    Clerk to action
  3. Cllr. Burke reported that he has bought 3 SLOW signs for the use of the Village when there is a function on.
  4. The pavement between Old Post Office Road and the Dog and Gun is very uneven and needs attention.
  5. The hedge at the back of the Phoenix Hall needs cutting back. Cllr. Covil to ask the Parish Steward to do this.



Thursday,  19th October,  2017, at 7.00 pm at the Phoenix Hall.



It was RESOLVED that in the interest of the public, the next item of business be dealt with as Confidential Business, and the press and public be excluded.