Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 12th April 2018 at the Phoenix Hall, Netheravon

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr. T. BarkerElected Chairman
Cllr. D. BurkeElected Vice-Chairman
Cllr. Mrs. L. Barker
Cllr. F. Collison
Cllr. C. Coslett
Cllr. B. Covil
Cllr. R. Hayward
Cllr. A. Linscer
Cllr. P. Mackay
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
In Attendance:Mrs. Mary TowleClerk of the Council
1 member of the public


A member of the public spoke and had three points to make:  

  1. The allotments opposite the Dog and Gun and the proposal which will be put to the Council at the meeting.  
  2. She also offered to provide a box of vegetables each week to the Phoenix Hall from the surplus grown on the allotments.
  3. Concern was expressed about the planning application for the Dog and Gun.   Cllr. Burke informed her that there will be a special planning meeting to discuss this application where she could give her views.



Cllr. Ian Blair-Pilling gave his apologies



Cllr. Hayward declared an interest in item 5.5



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 8th March, 2018 be accepted as a true record.



Cllr Burke reported that there are two new applications this month:

18/01883/FUL   Dog and Gun

18/00102//FUL  Willow Way

These applications will be discussed at a Planning Meeting on 14th April.



  1. Authorization of Cheques and balance

The following cheques were approved for the months of January/February 2018:

SSE – Clock £11.19

Mrs. M. Towle - Waterstones £25.00

Payroll £891.13

Landmarc – bus shelters £30.00

Landmarc – Allotments £180.00

ICO £35.00

Mrs. M. Mitchell – APM refreshments £33.77

Mrs. M. Towle – APM refreshments £21.39

Viking Direct £124.63

Hurdcott Landscapes £199.60

SSE £10.90

Payroll £891.13

Mrs. M. Towle – use of home as office £30.00

Total: £2453.74

  1. Bank reconciliation

Balance in accounts: £14,938.73

The Clerk reported that the minimum wages has gone up to £7.83 per hour

  1. Cheque Signatories

It was agreed that the Chairman should become a signatory and the former Chairman be removed as signatory.   Clerk to action.

  1. Funding of Phoenix Hall Booking Clerk

It was agreed that the Council will give a donation to cover the wages of the booking clerk for the year 2018/19. This will be reviewed when the budget is set for next year.

  1. Funding for the Maintenance of the Phoenix Hall

It was agreed that a separate meeting will be held to discuss this when a 3 year Maintenance Plan and full figures are produced.

  1. Internal Auditor

It was RESOLVED to ask Andrea Linscer to do an Internal Audit.



  1. AWF and Stewardship

Flooding in the High Street

Cllr. Covil reported that a Vactor machine has jetted the drains in the south of the high Street which are affected by the flooding.   A tap root has been found which the machine could not remove.   Cllr. Covil has requested that this is followed up with CCTV investigation.

  1. Enhancement and Cemetery


After discussion it was agreed as follows:

  1. Eva Skinner, will take over, cultivate and pay for the allotment previously occupied by Bob Mitchell; after it has been rotavated.
  2. Both trees will stay but be reduced in size, by the council, to the height of 10 foot.
  3. The access to the allotment will continue as per current arrangement.


Consecration of Cemetery

  • It was agreed that part of the Cemetery extension be unconsecrated for people from other faiths.
  • It was agreed to speak to the Vicar about asking the Bishop to consecrate the Cemetery in conjunction with other events e.g. Day Centre or Cheerful Cuppa and also a visit to the School.

Cllr. Hayward reported that he has investigated the box in the Cemetery Shed and found out that it is not an owl box.   It is possibly a bat box.

Cllr. Hayward also reported that he had been approached by a member of Nelson Foyle’s family asking to have a double memorial stone in the Garden of Remembrance so that one side would have Nelson Foyle’s details engraved on it and the other side would be left blank for Mrs. Foyle when the time comes. They own two plots side by side and so there is plenty of room to accommodate this. The Council agreed that this could be done providing that they own the two plots.

Cemetery Groundsman

  • It was agreed that the Clerk will put an advertisement in the Newsletter for a replacement Cemetery Groundsman.
  • Committee to work out a job description
  • Clerk to investigate keeping the Baptist Cemetery tidy

Millennium Park.  

The Clerk reported that she has sent off the Grant Application for an Awards for All Grant.

Phoenix Hall

Cllr. Hayward reported that they are hoping to get the kitchen up and running in time for a wedding in May.   He also reported that they have been given some round tables for use on the patio.




  • Tidworth Community Area Board


The Chairman reported that he, Lesley and Mary attended the last Area Board which was very interesting.   There were a couple of very good items of interest and it was well worth attending to hear their presentations.   The next meeting will be at Collingbourne Ducis on Monday, 14th May.


  • CATG


Cllr Mackay reported that the logo which he designed and was chosen by the Parish Council has been rejected by Wiltshire Council.   It was agreed that a new logo be designed with only one subject on it.  

It was RESOLVED  that the Royal Flying Corp wings be the subject on the logo.



  1. Highways Meeting

The Chairman and Cllr. Mrs. Barker will attend on 1st May at 7.00pm in the City Hall. The Clerk will also attend.



It was RESOLVED to adopt the Dementia Action Plan which was produced by Dementia Action Alliance. The Clerk reported that the Dementia Group are starting up a weekly coffee morning which will be called ‘Cheerful Cuppa’.   Flyers will be posted through the letter boxes of everyone in Netheravon, Haxton and Fittleton.



Cllr. Mrs. Mitchell proposed that the Jubilee Cup be presented this year to the children who attend the Friday Youth Club.   They behave in an exemplary manner despite the numbers who attend and deserve recognition.   This was agreed unanimously.  



  1. Letter from a resident complaining about dog mess about the village and also overhanging hedges on the A345.

It was agreed that the Clerk should cost out providing dog bins and the weekly emptying of them.

The Clerk reported that she has already reported the overhanging hedge to Wiltshire Council and has written to the resident.   No action has been taken by the resident. The Clerk will report it again on the Wiltshire App.



  1. Emergency Plan   The Chairman reported that an Emergency Plan has been started   He asked the Council if they would agree to being named as wardens in areas around where they live in the village.   This was agreed. The Clerk would do more work on the Plan and then send to all councillors electronically for comment.
  2. Website   The Clerk reported that this is underway and an offline draft version will be presented at the next Council Meeting.
  3. Cllr. Hayward had three points:
  4. No.2 street light in Choulston Farm Road is faulty – Clerk to action.
  5.    Vehicles visiting the Brewery sometimes block the driveway of Mill House.
  6. Cllr. Hayward asked that any meeting where the Main Hall is required be arranged for a Tuesday which is always free.
  7. Cllr. Covil reported that the road outside Ivy Cottage and Yew House is delaminating due to the recent flooding.   Clerk to action.
  8. Cllr. Mrs. Barker suggested that the artwork by Zoe Linscer which won the prize should go onto the website.   It could also be framed and put on the wall of the Phoenix Hall.




Thursday 10th May, 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Phoenix Hall

Annual General Meeting