DRAFT - Minutes of the Meeting held in the Phoenix Hall on Thursday 11th November 2021 at 7.00pm

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr. D. BurkeChairman
Cllr. R. AylingVice-Chairman
Cllr. F. Collison
Cllr. C. Coslett
Cllr. B. Covil
Cllr. D. Jaffrey
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
Cllr. Mrs. P. Panther
Cllr. Mrs. P. Perry
Cllr. S. Perry
In Attendance:Cllr. Ian Blair-PillingWiltshire Councillor
Mrs. Mary TowleClerk of the Council

The Chairman, Cllr. David Burke called for 2 minutes silence to remember those who died in the two World Wars.


Mr. Allen told the Council that he would tidy up the War Memorial and sweep up the leaves for the Remembrance Service.   The Chairman thanked him for all he does for the Village.


Cllr. Blair-Pilling reported that he will be calling in the two planning applications for the corner of Piggot Close and A345 if Wiltshire Council are minded to approve it.

He reported that there will be a Jubilee Committee Meeting on 16th November.

Cllr. Blair-Pilling agreed to find out about the long term arrangements for the layby on the A345 and the gravel which is being stored there.



There were no apologies



There were no Declaration of Interests



Cllr. Jaffray mentioned that his name had not been included in the Declaration of Interests in the minutes dated 7th October, 2021.   Agenda Item 4.3.  The Clerk will include his name in the minutes.

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 7th October 2021 be accepted as a true record.



1 .    Authorization of Cheques 

The following cheques were approved for the months of October/November 2021:


MoD Cemetery water     £20.00

Payroll     £947.63

Mrs. M. Towle – Use of home as office     £30.00

Mr. Allen – paint for benches     £10.50

Hurdcott Landscapes Ltd     £203.83

Playsafety – RoSPA     £255.00

SSE – Village Clock     £27.56

Landmarc – Millennium Park     £365.00

S. Perry – Paint for playground     £56.59

Sovereign Play – Trim trail refurbishment     £1046.39


2 .    Bank reconciliation

Balance of transactions £36,621.72

Uncleared withdrawals £3380.21

Balance in bank £40,001.93


3 .  To agree to purchase new case for defibrillator on McColls


It was RESOLVED to buy a new case for the McColls defibrillator and to move it to the front of the shop. 



1 .     Planning

Since the last meeting there have been no new items for the planning committee.

  1. On 14/10/21 the chairman of the planning committee attended an online training course for those councilors involved in planning meetings.
  2. The planning application for The Old PSA Yard, adjacent to 118 High Street has been approved with conditions. Amongst which; work has to start within 3 years; an ecological assessment has to be undertaken with respect to bats and birds prior to any work or demolition actions; once built, there is a limit on water use per person per day.

It was agreed to hold a planning meeting to discuss the two planning applications for the corner of Piggot Close and the A345.   The Clerk to notify all residents by letter and put notices on the noticeboard and at Piggot Close.


2 .    Flooding and Adverse Weather

  • Nothing to report


3 .    Highways 

  • It was reported that Piggot Close and Thorne Road have been resurfaced.


4 .  CATG

Cllr. Ayling reported that the CATG agreed to put the reduction of speed limit on the A345 in their top 5 priority.


5 .    Cemetery/Enhancement

Cllr. Burke and Cllr Mrs. Perry agreed to judge the best Advent Window and best Christmas front garden.   The Clerk reported that the Village Christmas Tree has been ordered.


6 .    Recreation  

  • The Clerk reported that some safety surfacing in the Court Farm Play Park is damaged.   The Clerk agreed to order a repair kit.
  • The Clerk reported that she has a meeting with Landmarc about trees in the Millennium Park on 6th December.


7 .    Allotments

  • Nothing to report


8 .    Phoenix Hall

The Phoenix Hall is getting busier, which is really good news.  We have only 2 days in November where no one has booked our hall’s facilities.  And, at time of writing, December only has 5 unbooked days; excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  This is good news for our hire income.  Nevertheless, we anticipate the usual reduction in use during January and February.

  1. Day Centre has restarted, the final regular user from our pre-pandemic hirers to return.
  2. A marketing plan for the hall aimed at a wider audience is being drawn up and will be presented to the PHMC this month.  The aim is to improve booking income in 2022 c.f. 2019.
  3. The Hall is looking in to the possibilities of raising the “green credentials” of our villages.  A joint exercise of installing solar panels on the roof, and fast-charge points for electric cars (EV), this would be a chargeable service for villagers many of whom have to park on the road, thus helping them to avoid cable trip hazards.  The PHMC would welcome villagers’ views, is this a good use of our hall?

Charles Coslett, Chairman, Management Committee


9 .   Rights of Way

The Clerk reported the leaflet of the School Walk will be ready for the Netheravon Showcase.


10 .  Jubilee Committee

It has been decided that there will be a street party in the weekend of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.   There is a Committee Meeting on 16th November, 2021




Stonehenge Community Area Board

The next meeting will be on 16th December.   Cllr. Burke agreed to attend.




The Clerk reported that all businesses and organisations have been invited to the Showcase.   Nearly all are coming including the PCC, Phil Wilkinson.

The format will be as follows:

  • Introduction and welcome by the Chairman, Cllr. David Burke
  • Demonstration by Netheravon 1st Responder, Debbie Corbett of the ‘Razor Chair’
  • Presentation by Cllr. Richie Ayling on the Adult Outside Exercise equipment for the Millennium Park
  • Presentation by Community SpeedWatch co-ordinator, Cllr. Graham Wright
  • Comments by the PCC, Mr. Phil Wilkinsone
  • Cheerful Cuppa will serve tea, coffee and wine.   No nibbles because of Covid



a .    Beacon/Bonfire

The Clerk reported that the MoD have been asked for permission to have a bonfire at ‘Washdown’.   Figheldean and Fittleton cum Haxton will be asked to join.

b .   Queen’ Green Canopy

The Clerk reported that she has asked the MoD if we could take over a parcel of land under license to plant a Jubilee wood.

c .   Adult Outdoor Exercise Equipment

The Clerk reported that most of the funding is in place

d .   Jubilee mugs for children

It was agreed that all children of 11 years and under will receive a Jubilee Mug.   The Clerk will apply to the Area Board for funding.



  • Volunteers needed to help with Remembrance Service and poppy crosses.
  • The Clerk reported that she has a Lease for the Millennium Park for signing.
  • Cllr. Pam Panther agreed to arrange a Christmas/New Years dinner for Councillors and partners.



  1. Police Report – by email
  2. Thank you letter from Day Centre
  3. Clerks and Councils Direct



  1. The hedge along Old Post Office Lane needs cutting
  2. Stags Lane needs street sign



Thursday 13th January, 2022 at 7.00 pm in the Phoenix Hall.