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Name Appointment Remarks
Ian Blair-PillingWiltshire Councillor for The Collingbournes and NetheravonChairman
Graham WrightWiltshire Councillor for Durrington and Larkhill
Fred WestmorelandWiltshire Councillor for Amesbury West
Paul OatwayWiltshire Councillor for Pewsey Vale
Rhod EvansVice Chair Amesbury Town Council
David BurkeChair Netheravon Parish Council
Tina ColeVice-Chair Figheldean Parish Council
Nick TissotFigheldean Parish Council
Richard RobertsChair Enford Parish Council
Mark HiskettVice Chair Enford Parish Council, SDFFA
Simon Vaughan-EdwardsVice Chair Fittleton Parish Council
John TigheChair Upavon Parish Council
Tim PennettArmy Headquarters
Nick EelesChair RAM
Martin HarveyProgramme Manager, RAM
Mary TowleSecretary

Apologies: John Smale, John Menzies. 

Declined to attend: Richard Aubrey-Fletcher 

Ser Item Action
1Welcome/Opening Statement. Introductions.
Ian Blair-Pilling opened the meeting by explaining purpose and aims of the CLG. He stated that all parishes from Amesbury to Upavon had been invited to be part of the Group as RAM had discovered from consultations that the main concern was traffic on the A345, and this would be relevant to all those parishes. Afternote: Milston Parish Meeting would be invited in future.
2Terms of Reference.
  • It was agreed that: ‘Membership does not imply support for the Project’ is in bold
  • It was agreed that : Para 2 AIM. First sentence should start ‘To enable and maintain a constructive exchange ...’
  • Ian Blair-Pilling read out an email from Richard Aubrey-Fletcher from Protect Netheravon Down (PND) explaining why they felt unable to attend the CLG. Sam Fox recommended that the Chairman should write back and leave the door open for future attendance.
  • Sam Fox felt that the TOR should be a living document which can be reviewed at each meeting.
  • It was agreed that the CLG should be open to other groups which might be affected by the project. Any such groups would be invited to nominate a representative to attend. SDFFA will be added to the list.
  • RAM agreed to amend and circulate the revised TOR.
3Selection of Chair.
It was agreed that Ian Blair-Pilling should chair the meeting.
4Update Briefing on Museum Project.
Nick Eeles outlined the most recent developments:
    Designs for the museum were nearing completion.
  • The Outline Business Case has been completed and sent to the LEP. The LEP will publish it in due course, most likely after the March meeting of the LEP Board.
  • Ecological, UXO and archaeological surveys are being carried out.
  • It is expected that the Planning Application will be submitted in March.
  • A new museum website will be up and running shortly.

Nick Eeles stressed that concerns expressed by residents at the consultation events had been taken into account and, where possible, the designs have been amended in response to the points raised.
5Identification of Significant Local Concerns
Ian Blair-Pilling asked everyone to record their top concerns/questions on post-it notes. These were grouped on a board for subsequent discussion. It was noted that where answers could not be provided immediately, RAM would aim to include them in the meeting minutes.
6Discussion of Key Issues
All of the questions raised under Agenda Item 5 are included in the attachment to these minutes, along with the responses provided by RAM.
7Summary and Next Steps
  • Sam Fox recommended that another meeting should be held prior to the planning application being submitted.
  • Nick Eeles reconfirmed that the SWLEP had now received the updated Outline Business Case, and that it was up to its board to decide when to release it.
  • Nick Eeles confirmed that the Planning Application would contain more detail than the Outline Business Case in many areas, including reports on Transport and Environmental impact. He believed that this was the document which parishes would be most interested in studying.
  • Nick Eeles agreed that additional questions from members of the CLG would be answered in the attachment to the minutes. It was agreed that all questions were to be submitted to the Secretary by 17 Feb 20.
  • It was agreed to decide on a Chairman at the start of each meeting.
  • All
    9Date of next meeting
    The next meeting will be in early March. There will also be meetings during the planning application process.