Planning Committee Standing Orders

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Wiltshire Council is the Local Planning Authority, Netheravon Parish Council is a statutory consultee in all local planning applications.  The Chairman of the Planning Committee shall maintain a record of all planning applications received by the Council.

Acting under delegated powers the Clerk will note the comments by Planning Committee members on individual applications and a return with those comments will be sent to the Local Planning Authority or whoever requested those comments.


The Planning Committee will hold public face to face meetings at which parishioners will be invited to express their views on significant planning applications in the village.  The Clerk and Chair of the committee will decide if the application is significant and if a meeting is to be convened.  Meetings will be advertised through the Parish Council website and / or Facebook pages and in the village Newsletter, the latter only if timings permit.


Some examples are shown below.  This presumes that National rules, in force at the time, allow face-to-face meetings.


Significant planning applications submitted to Netheravon Parish Council could include (E&OE):

  • New building on land that is either designated green-field site or brown-field site.
  • Change of use from residential to business/industrial or the other way around.
  • New business opportunities (e.g. R.A. Museum.)
  • New routes within the village, or one-way systems.


Less significant applications, which may not attract high-level public interest from parishioners include (E&OE):

  • Building extensions on private dwellings that have no impact on neighbours or the neighbourhood.
  • Works to trees in a Conservation Area.
  • Works to trees for reasons of safety.
  • External or internal works to listed buildings


The Planning Committee will always consider the impact of the development on the village infrastructure boundary and community in addition it will take in to account any Regional requirement to accommodate new homes.