Netheravon Soapbox Challenge



Each team member will be required to sign a disclaimer before racing.

Event organisers shall be allowed to impose any further restrictions and to permit deviations from any of these specifications. Any deviations from this specification are left to the discretion of the event organisers.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from any such deviation from this specification.

General Conditions:

  • Up to six (6) persons are allowed per team, with one driving the soapbox at any one time.
  • Team members can be of any age, however, the driver must be 10 years old or above. Any participant aged under 18 must have the above disclaimer countersigned by a parent or guardian.
  • Registration will commence at 10.00 am on Raceday.
  • The Organiser’s reserve the right to refuse entry to any team without explanation. Their decision will be final.
  • Soapboxes will be checked for safety at the top of the hill after registration. Please make sure your soapbox complies with our rules and regulations as it would be disappointing to get this far and be told you can’t race.
  • We encourage fancy dress, and well decorated soapboxes. Make yourself noticed! However, please do not use 'bare frames' as these will be considered dangerous.

SoapBox Regulations:

  • Your soapbox can have a maximum width of 1500mm to its extreme edges.
  • Maximum length is 2400mm.
  • We need to try and make sure you don't go face first into the hay bails or the kerbs, neck height of the driver must be a minimum of 600mm from the ground when seated.
  • There must be no sharp edges inside or outside your vehicle, or anything that could cause damage to spectators or marshals in the case of a crash. This means NO GLASS or PERSPEX that can shatter.
  • Drivers must remain seated at all times.
  • There must be 3 or 4 load bearing wheels.  A brake must be fitted. This is important. Your vehicle must be able to hold itself stationary on the start line incline.
  • The driver’s seat must be secured to the chassis of the soapbox.
  • Soapboxes must be designed to carry a driver in a feet-first direction.
  • Any instrument within the soapbox must be designed with safety in mind. You don't want to impale yourself if you crash.
  • The soapbox must be family friendly in design. If it is deemed inappropriate, you will not be allowed to race.

Build Quality Control:

  • “Feet on the front axle” steering is not allowed.
  • Rope steering is allowed as long as feet have a separate footrest.
  • “Lean” steering (e.g. skateboard) is not allowed.
  • Skid steering is not allowed.
  • Steering must not have excessive play when controlling the axle.
  • The driver must be able to enter and exit the soapbox without the need to remove bodywork.
  • Soapboxes are designed to run on gravity only. No motors or pedal power allowed.
  • No flywheel or kinetic energy recovery (KERS) systems are allowed to be used.

Safety Regulations:

  • The purpose of the event is to have fun, but the safety of the team, supporters and spectators is paramount throughout the day.
  • Accordingly, the Organiser’s reserve the right to amend these rules or go above and beyond their guidance.
  • All members of the team will be required to sign a disclaimer as part of the entry form, and these will be checked to ensure all team members present on the race day have signed.
  • All drivers must walk the course.
  • Teams are responsible for the ongoing risk assessments on their soapbox during the event and are obliged to report any change they make to their soapbox before racing.
  • No pyrotechnics are allowed.

Team clothing:

  • The driver’s (and passenger) body and limbs must be fully covered by suitable clothing such as; heavy duty overalls, a karting suit, motorcycle leathers or similar. Sturdy footwear and abrasion resistant gloves must be worn.
  • Fancy dress is encouraged, just make sure you have the correct clothes on underneath.
  • A properly fitted neck support is advised at all times.
  • The driver must wear an EU certified safety helmet at all times when competing. This can be a cycle helmet, a motorbike helmet or a motocross helmet, but not a metal colander.


No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and regulations. This is not a guarantee against injury or death to any participant, spectator or official.

The organiser’s reserve the right to refuse entry. Their decision will be final.