Netheravon in Bloom 2019

Judging took place on Wednesday 31st July and Wednesday 7th August 2019

Judges Comments

1 .   At the start of the year the hope of the Parish Council was that villagers would participate in enhancing the look of our village.  Doing this by tending their front gardens and hanging baskets/pots.  

2 .   Members of NPC did their bit by setting up hanging baskets on the High Street and planting up new half-barrels at various places around the village.  To add an element to the fun, a light-hearted “competition” was proposed, the prize being a piece of paper/certificate!

3 .   We are sure that you’ll agree that Netheravon looks prettier this year, and our residents have again come up trumps.  The NPC want to thank parishioners for their contributions.

4 .   Judging a “competition“ such as this is difficult.  We all have different sized spaces to work with, and different personal preferences as to how we want our front garden or hanging basket to look.  But for the first annual Netheravon in Bloom competition the judges took guidance from the Britain in Bloom RHS guidelines and were looking for:

a.   Colours and design, an overall plan

b.   Appropriate choice of plants for the space, foliage, bark effect or flowers

c.   Special features, a focal point can aid the look

d.   Presentation and maintenance

e.    Innovation of plant selection, colours etc.

f.     Sustainability and biodiversity / conservation effect.

5 .    30 properties made it to the “short” list, perhaps even more next year?

6 .    NPC wants to thank everyone for taking part, (even if you did not know that you had) and hope that you will want to do so again next year.  For details please contact Mary Towle, Clerk to NPC.

Adress Front Garden Hanging Basket Comment Picture Result
Wains Way
5XExcellent HB, depth and colour and different species all add to a bright & welcoming display. A splash of colour all gardeners would be proud of.1GOLD HB
Salisbury Road
CartrefXVery good, petunia-lead colourful display for all pots and HBs2Highly Commended HB
Whitmarsh Close
16XXUse of lamp post to enhance community space as well as annuals and small willow providing colour.3Commended HB Highly Commended FG
Pigott Close
638XHBs adding colour and breaking up a plain wall.4Commended HB
Walnut Close
3XFirst efforts at putting colour in the front, well done.5Commended HB
Hales Road
12XXMostly annuals, but we like the use of beans as a hedge plant, feeding the body as well as the eyes.6Highly Commended FG
Court Farm Close
10XXGood use of awkward space, well maintained and colourful. Feature wheelbarrow fun & interesting.7Highly Commended FG Commended HB
27XUse of lamp post for HBs shows good community spirit and colourful pots for front of house too.8 & 9Highly Commended HB
30XMany fuschia, tree adds height, needed more plants10Commended HB
Mill Road
11XFull herbaceous border with many different species, coordinated height planting too.11Highly Commended FG
Mill ViewXXAn outstanding front garden. Colour rich from flowers and mature perennials. Great use of planters and HBs, especially Hosta and Acer in such a small but very visible space.12BEST OVERALL WINNER
50XWhat has been done, has been done well.13Commended FG
Court Farm Road
ManzanitaXVery full and good HB. Colours good and cascading plants aid the look.14BRONZE HB
TrejanXA very good coordinated looking front to the house. HBs matching the wisteria and the lavender.15SILVER HB
19 – front High StreetXWell maintained pots in small hard-standing space.16Commended FG
High Street
Owl CottageXGood depth to basket, green colour predominates.17Commended HB
105XHBs add colour to the house which can take even larger displays perhaps?18Highly Commended HB
1 Stone VillasXPretty use of flowers in classic cottage garden style.19Highly Commended FG
Old Post Office HouseXA new garden full of promise. Different species (esp. Monkey puzzle), use of raised bed for bee friendly plants and hollyhocks for height. Well looked after. One to watch develop.20Highly Commended FG
Worsdell Close
Worsdell CottageXExcellent use of ornamental grasses and appropriate plants (perennial and annual) for the space. Colour coordinated too. Slate background sets it off well.21SILVER FG
Vicarage Gardens
18XXGood HBs but a great front garden. Tidy, using perennials and annuals to create display of colour and texture, and bee friendly, lawn well cared for.22GOLD FG
20XLarge HBs breaking up plain wall space.23Commended HB
The Stables
1XUse of many different coordinated greens attracts the eye, in a “dog-friendly” garden.24Commended FG
Avon Park
8XVery good, bee friendly, good use of tall plants to enhance small space. Very well done, and looked after.25Highly Commended FG
12XGood bird/bee friendly choices, colourful and tidy in a small space which the grass sets off well.26Highly Commended FG
15XGravel and pots, min maintenance options, tidy.27Commended FG
Harefield Crescent
7XImaginative use of Canna in pots28Commended FG
13XMany different plants adding texture to small space29Commended FG
West Court
5XXBright, colourful, dahlia filled borders and HBs with many different species. A stand-out front garden.30BRONZE FG


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