Planning Meeting held on Thursday, 1st December, 2022 At 6.00pm in the Phoenix Hall

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Present:Cllr. R. Ayling
Cllr. D. Burke
Cllr. C. Coslett
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
Cllr. Fred Collison
Cllr. Mrs. P. Perry
Cllr. S. Perry
11 members of the public

Planning Application to be discussed:



FULL PLANNING PERMISSION for the construction of a pair of detached dwellings and associated infrastructure at corner ofPigott Close and the A345 


Cllr. Charles Coslett as Chairman of the Planning Committee chaired the meeting.

Cllr. Coslett began by explaining that this is a new application for the land at the corner of Pigott Close and the A345.

The Parish Council object to this application and will put in the comments made for application PL/2022/05819 plus any additional comments made at this meeting.

Cllr. Ian Blair-Pilling reported that if the Planning Officer is minded to approve the application he has asked that it is called in to Committee for Councillors to decide.


Additional Comments from the members of the public:

  • There will be a problem of vans and couriers dropping off to the front doors of the dwellings which front the already busy, fast and unsighted main road
  • The visibility splay diagram has not been updated
  • The dwellings are not in keeping with the street scene.
  • The front of the dwellings are facing the A345 out of keeping with the area.
  • Overdevelopment.  Leading to more traffic movement in a busy road where parking and access are problems already.
  • Vehicles will be spoiling the amenity of the neighbours with cars parking in the back gardens.   At night any traffic movement will result in headlights shining into the back gardens of neighbouring properties.
  • Netheravon requires more affordable smaller houses, for local people, not large 4-bedroom detached properties.


Relevant comments made by the Parish Council for application PL/2022/05819


The Parish Council are against this application for the following reasons:


The visibility at the junction is already very poor, and traffic on the A345 speeds past this junction.  This has led to serious accidents and many near misses.  It is also a reason that this land is designated as outside the settlement boundary of the village.


The visibility splay does not comply with Highways standard of 120 metres.


No visitor parking spaces have been provided.


The houses are beyond the settlement boundary which was altered at the request of Highways because of the dangerous junction.


This is overdevelopment on a very narrow plot of land on the corner of a very busy A road.


The Parish Council feel that it is important that local knowledge should be taken into account and that a site visit should be made.


The comments for the two applications will be combined as objections to application PL/2022/08709