Minutes of the Meeting held in the Phoenix Hall On Thursday, 5th October, 2023 at 7.00 p.m.

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr. R. AylingChairman
Cllr. A. Bridewell
Cllr. A. Brown
Cllr. C. Coslett
Cllr. B.Covil
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
Cllr. Mrs. P. Perry
Cllr. S. Perry
In Attendance:Mrs. Mary TowleClerk of the Council


Cllr. Ayling thanked Councillors for all their hard work in the community. He also thanked the Clerk for arranging the presentation ceremony for Netheravon in Bloom winners before the meeting last month.


There were no members of the public present.



Cllr. Ayling welcomed Andy Bridewell onto the Parish Council and asked him to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.



Apologies were received from Cllr. David Burke, Cllr. Peter Mackay, and Cllr. Ian Blair-Pilling.




There were no Declaration of Interests




It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 14th September 2023 be accepted as a true record.




1 .    Authorisation of Cheques


It was RESOLVED to approve the cheques for Sept/Oct 2023.

Payroll - September £1035.62
Mrs. M. Towle – Use of home as office £30.00
Mrs. M. Towle – garden vouchers etc £271.50
Graeme Allen – paint £47.55
Playsafety Ltd £393.60
Elan City – SIDs £8100.00
Netheravon Day Centre £400.00
Phoenix Hall Grant £1200.00
Hurdcott Landscape £850.42



2 .    Bank Reconciliation

The Balance at the Bank as at 5th October, 2023 is £16558.02




1 .   Planning

Cllr. Coslett reported that there is one new planning application:

PL/2023/08306 WORK TO TREES IN CA It is proposed to fell 6 ash trees at Cormayles, Lower Road, Netheravon
Parish Council Comments:  Support

2 .   Flooding and Adverse Weather

It was agreed to report the flooding in Stagg’s Lane to Wiltshire Council.

3 .  Highways

Cllr. Covil was asked to ask the Parish Steward to spray all the weeds in the Old School Close playground. It was suggested that the grass growing at the base of the cherry trees between Court Farm and Queensway be sprayed.

A345 Speed Reduction

The Chairman reported that the SIDs have arrived. We have not been notified when the Speed Reduction comes into force, but the Clerk reported that the SpeedWatch volunteers

4 . Cemetery/Enhancement/Netheravon in Bloom

Cllr. Coslett has taken down all the hanging baskets. It was agreed that a new method for watering the hanging baskets needs to be in place before the season starts next year.

Arrangements for tidying up the War Memorial and the Remembrance Ceremony will be discussed at the October Meeting.

5 .  Recreation

It was suggested that the equipment in the Millennium Park is under-used and the Parish Council should think of ideas to promote it’s use.

6 .   Allotments

The Clerk has written to the MOD asking for permission to plant fruit trees on the empty allotment but has not yet heard back from the MOD.

Community Allotment

Cllr. Richie reported that the Community Allotment has been very successful with produce being fed into the Community Larder. A quantity of manure has been delivered to the allotment which has been spread over the whole area.

The Community Larder

Cllr. Richie reported that a fundraiser event is being held in the WMC to raise funds to buy logs to give out to people who need help with heating in the winter months.

7 .    Rights of Way

The Old Wilton Cart Track has been cut for the second time this year and the Corfe path has been cut.




a .    Phoenix Hall

Finances show a current bank balance of £10784.58 with an additional £6037.05 on deposit. The bookings total for the rest of this year is currently £8835. For the first 6 months, we are up by £1148 or 10.6% on last year. Bookings for the rest of the year are slow at the moment. We had a very good August and September, both well up on last year.

Maintenance and Improvements

Redecoration of the building is now progressing and this will result in a considerable saving on the budget for next year.

Looking ahead

As usual the hall could benefit with an increase in bookings especially on Fridays now we have lost the Youth Club.

Currently we have made an application for funding to SSE for an emergency generator to be held at the hall for the village if there was a major outage. We are currently awaiting for the results of our application.

The hand dryer in the ladies loo has ceased to wor and for now we have gone back to paper towels. RGV have been contacted to see if it can be repaired and Pam will investigat the cost of a new one if required.

Steve Perry, Chairman


b.    Jubilee Committee

Nothing to report

c.  Stonehenge Community Area Board

The Community Grant Fund has money left for applications for grants from voluntary groups.

d.    All Saints School

Cllr. Andy Bridewell agreed to be Liaison Officer for the Parish Council with the School.



  • A working party to put up poppies was arranged for 28th October at 9am.
  • Cllr. Burke agreed to further the investigation into the disappearance of the village sign.
  • The 4 First Responders in Netheravon and Fittleton cum Haxton have agreed to have their details put on our Emergency Plan
  • There is a consultation on the Local Plan starting on 27th September.
  • Some fencing is being repaired in the Millennium Park
  • We need a new filing cabinet. Everyone was asked to put feelers out for a good secondhand one.



All emails have been forwarded to Councillors for their information



There were no General Parish Matters



9th November, 2023. 7.00pm in Phoenix Hall