Minutes of the Meeting held in the Phoenix Hall on Thursday 29th September 2022 at 7.00pm

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr. D. BurkeVice-Chairman
Cllr. F. Collison
Cllr. C. Coslett
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
Cllr. Mrs. P. Perry
Cllr. S. Perry
Cllr. P. Mackay
In Attendance:Cllr. Ian Blair-PillingWiltshire Councillor
Mrs. Mary TowleClerk of the Council


There were no members of the public in attendance.


Report by Wiltshire Council attached to minutes.



Apologies were received from Cllrs:  Pam Panther, Richie Ayling, Brian Covil



There were no Declaration of Interests



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 14th July 2022 be accepted as a true record.



1 .  Authorisation of Cheque

It was RESOLVED to approve the cheques for July/August/September 2022.


Andy Rawlins Cemetery railings £500.00

Payroll £1093.79

Phoenix Hall £10.00

Hurdcott Landscapes £286.32

Signs in Motion £204.00

SSE £49.30

Mrs. M. Towle – printing etc £22.63

Payroll £1112.79

Mrs. M. Towle – Use of home as office £30.00

Art Group – start up grant £90.00

Phoenix Hall – grant for Clerk £1200.00

SSE £49.30

Mrs. M. Towle – Viking Direct £57.59

Heartbeat Trust £125.95

Mrs. M. Towle – Garden Vouchers £225.00


2 .  Bank Reconciliation

The Balance at the Bank as at 1st September, 2022 is £19041.17


3.  Conclusion of Audit

The Clerk reported that the External Auditor has signed off the accounts with no comments.





1 .   Planning

Cllr. Coslett reported that there were 3 new planning applications


PL/2022/05819 FULL PLANNING PERMISSION for the construction of a pair of semi-detached dwellings and associated infrastructure at land at the corner of Pigott Close and Salisbury Road.

Parish Council Comments:  Object.  Poor visibility, beyond the settlement boundary, overdevelopment.               


PL/2022/06455 TREES IN CONSERVATION AREA Replacing leylandii hedge with Thuja plicata at Old Brewery Cottage, High Street.

Parish Council Comments:  No objection


PL/2022/03225 FULL PLANNING PERMISSION for proposed single storey wrap around extension to rear and side at Vine Cottage, Salisbury Road.

Parish Council Comments:  No objections – subject to conditions.   The Council pointed out that the area is subject to flooding.

2 .   Flooding and Adverse Weather

Nothing to report

3 .    Highways (plus Parish Steward)

The Clerk reported that the Parish Steward cut back vegetation and filled potholes during his last visit to Netheravon. 

We are still awaiting the result of the speed assessment.


The Clerk reported that she has applied for a sign at Stagg’s Lane.   She has also made enquiries about making the Mill Road/A345 junction a one-way system.

5 .    Cemetery /Enhancement

It was reported that the garden voucher prizes have been handed out to the Netheravon in Bloom prize winners.   A full page article appeared in the August Stoneheng Trader with pictures of the winning gardens.

It was reported that the noticeboard in the Cemetery needs attention.   Cllr. Burke agreed to have a look at this.

6 .   Recreation  

It was agreed that no further action be taken with the Old School Close playground.   The Clerk will inspect complaint about raised slabs and pass this on to Wiltshire Council for action.

7 .   Allotment

Cllr. Perry reported that he has spoken to two allotment holders about the state of their allotments.   

It was agreed that Aster Group be approached for permission to use a parcel of grass behind the flats in Downside Road as a Community Allotment.

8 .    Rights of Way

The Clerk reported that the Pewsey U3A have walked the Airfield Camp walk.

Representatives on other groups:


a .    Phoenix Hall

Finances show a current bank balance of £17816.31 with an additional £6000 on deposit.

The only outstanding invoice is Motion Picture Licensing Company.

The income for year since April 2022 is £3973.


Maintenance and Improvements

Solar panels are now being fitted to the building with the aim of reducing our electricity costs.

The new disabled entrance door has now been installed and working correctly.


Looking ahead

We still need to improve the use of the hall by the villagers it is often not used at many weekends. A problem could be unfolding in the form of the Day centre they have had their grant from Wilts County Council refused combined with a lack of numbers now attending, if this stops it will have a major impact on the hall finances.

Steve Perry, Chairman Phoenix Hall Committee

b .    Stonehenge  Area Board

Cllr. Burke reported that the Chairman had attended the last Stonehenge Area Board meeting on 22nd September.   He sent in a full report by email which was passed to all Councillors.


c .  Jubilee Committee

Nothing to report


d .  Meeting with Avon Valley Parishes

This meeting was held to discuss an action plan in the event of a crisis with energy and the cost of living.   Notes of the meeting are attached to the Minutes.



REPORT by the Clerk 

  • The opening of the multi-use games area has been cancelled.
  • The skittles match with the Avon Valley Parishes will be held on 7th November.   A trophy will be purchased
  • A resident has very kindly offered to put a permanent stick on ‘Red Devils’ sign at the sign post as the slides are stolen regularly.
  • Silver Jubilee Cup.   It was agreed to present this to Dylan Hughes in recognition of his hard work at events during the year.   This will be presented at the next Parish Council Meeting.


REPORT by the Clerk 


  1. Grant request from St. John Ambulance.   It was agreed to send £100.
  2. Community Governance Review.   Cllr. Burke explained that our request for a boundary change is being looked at in the next tranche of the Community Governance Review.   If the request is approved, Netheravon will have Choulston Farm, Choulston Cottages, Netheravon Cemetery, Choulston Close, Kerby Avenue and the Airfield Camp playing fields included in the Parish.
  3. Hedges in Downside Road.   Complaints have been received concerning overgrown hedges in Downside Road.   The Clerk followed this up and some hedges have now been cut, but one hedge has not and is obstructing a footpath. 
  4. An email has been received from the owner of properties at the Stables concerning the boundary fence along the south of the Millennium Park.   Cllr. Burke and the Clerk have inspected the fence and have found no fault.
  5. An email has been received from the Chairman of the PCC informing the Parish Council that the Netheravon PCC is applying to the diocese to have the Churchyard closed.  
  6. An email has been received from a resident complaining about the high hedge on the corner of Pigott Close/A345.   The Clerk will seek advice from Wiltshire Council.



  • It was reported that the bridleway between Court Farm Road/Queensway is being obstructed especially at weekends by cars parking in the turning circle.   Clerk to speak to resident.
  • It was reported that there is no bus stop sign at the top of Whitesheet Hill northbound.   Clerk will speak to Salisbury Reds


DATE OF NEXT COUNCIL MEETING 27th October 2022 at 7.00 pm in the Phoenix Hall

November meeting will be on 24th November, 2022 at 7.00pm in the Phoenix Hall.


Meeting held on Thursday, 15th September, 2022 in Phoenix Hall, Netheravon at 7.00pm


Richie Ayling Chairman, Netheravon Parish Council

Mary Towle Clerk, Netheravon Parish Council

Richard Roberts Chairman, Enford Parish Council

Elizabeth Harrison Clerk, Enford Parish Council

John Menzies Chairman, Figheldean Parish Council

Sandra Burch Clerk, Figheldean Parish Council

Dot Georgeson Chairman, Fittleton cum Haxton Parish Council

Ian Blair-Pilling Wiltshire Councillor

Graham Wright Wiltshire Councillor



Richie opened the meeting explaining that the meeting is to formulate an action plan and share best practices in the event of a financial and energy crisis which will affect everyone.


It was agreed that the best way of relaying information is to use the Newsletters which are published in the villages.


Items in the Newsletters to include:

  • Contact details of agencies who can help
  • Helpful Hints on how to keep warm and save fuel
  • Publish details of the Link Scheme and ask for volunteers
  • Encourage everyone to be Neighbourly and keep their eyes and ears open for people young or old who might be vulnerable


Graham agreed to contact Community First to obtain CAB booklet.   It was agreed that it would be better to use their information than to spend a lot of time writing it ourselves.


Sandra agreed to ask Tina to design something for the Newsletter which can be used by all villages.


Other items which were discussed were:


Trussell Trust:  Richie has contacted them and they have agreed that with training a volunteer from the villages can do referrals.


Email Address:  The possibility of a confidential email address which could be used to signpost people who need help.


The School:  Dot reported that she has met with the School Head.   The School is always looking for signs of problems with the children and contact the authorities when concerned.  We will work with the school to help if necessary.


Community Larder:  Richie explained that a Community Larder is for everyone who has surplus food to contribute and to take anything they might use.   He said that a volunteer has come forward to organise it and it will hopefully be placed opposite the shop.   The shop has agreed to contribute goods and allotment holders will be encouraged to put surplus vegetables in the larder.   The Parish Council will purchase a cabinet to keep the goods which will be strictly controlled by the volunteer.


Community Seat:  Richie explained that anyone who knows that there is someone who is alone and would appreciate sitting down to a meal with company could be invited to a meal with a neighbour.


Warm Space:  Dot said that it might be possible to arrange for the Library to be used as a warm space.   Volunteers to be there when it is being used.


Coffee mornings:  There is a coffee morning every week in Figheldean and Netheravon.   These could be expanded in an emergency


Community Dinner:  Sandra said that Figheldean hold a community dinner in Figheldean once a month.   During the pandemic with a grant from the Area Board she provided cream teas which proved very successful and cheered people up in a dark time.