Minutes of a Meeting held in the Phoenix Hall On Thursday, 19th October, 2017 at 7.00 p.m.

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr. J. TigheChairman
Cllr. T. Barker
Cllr. Mrs. L. Barker
Cllr. D. Burke
Cllr. F. Collison
Cllr. B. Covil
Cllr. R. Hayward
Cllr. A. Linscer
Cllr. P. Mackay
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
In Attendance:Mrs. Mary TowleClerk of the Council
1 member of the public


There was no report from the police.


  • Waste management  (in Briefing Note 330) from 4 Sep running to 14 Nov https://surveys.wiltshire.gov.uk/snapwebhost/s.asp?k=150452367706
  • Proposed TROs in Tidworth, Ludgershall, Collingbourne Ducis triangle. _ presentation at next Area Board 14 Nov in Netheravon.
  • Superfast Broadband – Attended ‘last 5% superfast broadband event’ organised by Claire Perry with reps from central government, Wilts Council, BT and a range of alternative broadband providers who specialise in providing broadband where it is beyond the reach of the county’s project.  Only areas in this category in Netheravon are Highview bungalow and the buildings west of the old riding school all of which already have >15 MB/s service
  • Digitalisation.  I have attended a workshop to suggest what we want the Council’s digital strategy to deliver for our residents in Wiltshire.  I have suggested and shall be pursuing the provision of functionality and connectivity to those towns and parishes that may wish to benefit
  • Everleigh HRC – With the recently discovered problem of leakage and consequent restricted services, I have asked for an assurance regarding the continuation of Everleigh HRC.  The Associate Director responsible states ‘We working with our contractor to consider options and obtain estimates which we will then discuss with members. In the meantime the site will remain open for deposit of the slightly reduced number of materials. The site will be closed from 23 October for the exchange of plant and equipment between Hills and FCC, reopening on 28 October.

Electoral Review -  Electoral Commission has decided to review Wiltshire with results in place for next elections in 2021. From now to Apr info gathering determine no of councillors/size of wards.  Consultation on ward boundaries Sep Nov 18. B-P on Council’s 10 man Boundary Review Committee.


One member of the public attended to give his views on Planning Application 17/09233/TPO.   These views were noted.



There were no apologies received



Cllr Barker and Cllr Mrs Barker declared interest in planning application 17/09619/FUL



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 14th September, 2017 be accepted as a true record.



Family Learning Festival

Cllr. Tighe reported that the Mobile Museum which came to the Phoenix Hall was unfortunately not a success.   It was disappointing that families did not visit a very interesting session.   There is another session called ‘Anybody can Cook’ which is being held in the Phoenix Hall in a few days.   The Clerk has produced posters and flyers and with the help of some councillors the publicity for the event should reach everyone in the village.   Cllr. Mitchell agreed to put it on facebook.    It is hoped that this publicity will generate interest, especially as it is half term.



Cllr Burke reported that there are five applications for consideration this month.

17/09421/TCA TREES IN A CONSERVATION AREA  Tree work at Chardan, High Street

Parish Council Comments: Object due to misleading information on application form. It includes a tree with a TPO which has separate application.

17/09233/TPO TREE PRESERVATION ORDER APPLICATION Removal of Horse Chestnut tree with TPO at Chardan, High Street.

Parish Council Comments:  Object

  • Misleading information on the application form
  • No report from a tree surgeon as to the state of the tree.
  • Neighbours report that the tree appears to have healthy growth each year

17/09619/FUL FULL PLANNING APPLICATION for a proposed porch at 21 Vicarage Gardens.

Parish Council Comments:  Do not object to a porch being erected on this bungalow.  However they feel that the design of the porch is not in keeping with the street scene.   

17/09708/FUL FULL PLANNING APPLICATION for proposed single storey extension at Vine Cottage, Salisbury Road.

Parish Council Comments:

(Planning meeting to be held)

17/08858/FUL FULL PLANNING APPLICATION for proposed construction of flat roof dormer on rear of 103 High Street

Parish Council Comments:

(Planning meeting to be held)

A short discussion was held about the closed footpath between Berry Close and Vicarage Gardens.   Wiltshire Council have plans to open it to the public.   This will be an agenda item next meeting when the Clerk has further information.



a. Authorization of Cheques and balance

The following cheques were approved for the month of September/October 2017:

DC Warne – fencing £2148.00

Hurdcott Landscapes £199.60

MOD Cemetery Water £13.28

Viking Direct £61.09

Phoenix Hall Hire £30.00

SSE Clock £11.34

Payroll £1162.44

Hurdcott Landscapes £259.60

Playsafety Ltd (RoSPA) £247.80

Total: £4133.15

Balance in accounts: £28,657.17

b. External Auditor results

The advice by the external auditors was noted.   The Clerk reported that this has been put on the Netheravon website.

c. Grave Markers

It was RESOLVED that the Clerk can order more grave markers of the same design of the existing ones.   She will order 18 markers at £15 each.



  1. AWF and Stewardship

Gullies in High Street

The Clerk reported that she has put gulley cleaning as an issue on the Wiltshire Council website.   Cllr Burke has spoken to an engineer who visited Netheravon to look at the gullies and has asked for them to be jetted.   The Clerk will follow this up.

Road salt

It was agreed that a new supply is not needed at the moment.

Defibrillator for disused phone box on High Street.

It was RESOLVED that the Council would purchase a defibrillator, to be housed in the phone box on the High Street, from Cardiac Science.

  1. Enhancement and Cemetery

a.  It was RESOLVED that half of the Cemetery Extension be used as a Woodland Burial site.   The Clerk will ask the contractors to remove the fence and cut the grass on half of the extension.   The rest will be left as meadow with the 40 WW1 trees planted in it.

b.  War Memorial.   It was agreed to have a working party on Saturday, 28th October to clean the War Memorial and tidy up the area.

c.  Millennium Park.   The noticeboard was discussed and the wording was agreed.   




  • Tidworth Community Area Board

The next Area Board will be held in Phoenix Hall, Netheravon on Monday, 13th November.

  • Tidworth Community Area Partnership

The Clerk reported that there is a new Chairman, Lt.Col. Jamie Balls.   He intends to carry on the good work of the Partnership.

  • CATG

Cllr. Mackay reported that the HGV signs for Old Post Office Lane will be put up in due course.

It was agreed that a competition would be held to design the logo for the new village gateway sign with a prize of a £25 book token for the winning design. The Clerk to advertise it in the Newsletter.



Cllr Linscer agreed to look at the reports from RoSPA and prioritise the list of faults.



Cllr Barker reported that:

  • Mr. Simon Block has resigned as Chairman of the Management Committee
  • A meeting has been arranged for 23rd October to elect a new Chairman
  • The main issue to be resolved is the store/kitchen
  • A new Business Plan is being written
  • A new Risk Assessment is also being written

Cllr Hayward asked if the notice asking people to switch off engines in the car park has been ordered. Clerk to arrange.



  1. Cllr Burke agreed to look over the agreement to adopt the BT Phone Box prior to it being signed.
  2. Complaints have been received about the hatches at Netheravon Brewery.    The MoD have agreed to replace the boards.
  3. Youth Justice Programme.   A meeting will be arranged with the manager to arrange some jobs for them to do.
  4. The Clerk reminded Councillors that the Brownies will be putting poppy crosses on the War Graves in the Churchyard at 10 am on 11th November.
  5. The Clerk reported that she will be attending a Dementia Action Alliance Workshop with Cllr. Alan Wood on 14th November at Glebe Hall, Winterbourne.
  6. The verge along Airfield Camp Road has been cut.   It has not been done satisfactorily and so the Clerk will go back to Landmarc to complain.



  1. Town and Parish Councils Training and Networking Day at County Hall on Friday, 17th November.   Clerk to attend with Cllr. Wood.
  2. Village Clock.   The Clerk has received an email from the resident of Clock House.   She has asked RGV Engineering to look at the clock and repair if necessary.



1. Cllr. Hayward raised the subject of the traffic at the school at school opening times and in the afternoon when they go home. Clerk to ask PCSO Maria Downham to meet Cllr. Hayward and Cllr Burke first thing in the morning on a school day to show the police the extent of the problem and try to come up with a solution.



Thursday 16th November, 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Phoenix Hall.