Minutes of a Meeting held in the Phoenix Hall On Thursday, 14th November, 2019 at 7.00 p.m

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr. A. LinscerChairman
Cllr. T. Barker
Cllr. Mrs. L. Barker
Cllr. B. Covil
Cllr. F. Collison
Cllr. C. Coslett
Cllr. D. Jaffrey
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
In Attendance:PC Lucy Wileman
Cllr. Ian Blair-PillingWiltshire Councillor
Mrs. Mary TowleClerk of the Council
9 members of the public


Questions were asked by members of the public:


  • Why was the timing of the laying of wreaths at the War Memorial not advertised more widely?  It was in the Newsletter and on the Netheravon Noticeboard
  • Why was the meeting to decide on the VE75 Celebrations held in the Dog and Gun and not the Phoenix Hall?  The Jubilee Committee hold their meetings normally in the Working Men’s Club but the Dog and Gun was offered on this occasion 
  • Could the Dog and Gun provide a defibrillator for their customers?
  • What is the position of the Parish Council as regards to the RA Museum.  The Parish Council will consider the Planning Application when it comes in objectively from a neutral position.   It has not been discussed at a Parish Council Meeting.
  • Are the Parish Council seeking to inform themselves of the details of the Museum? It will be considered when a Planning Application is presented.
  • The Collection for Remembrance Day at the Church was £640.96.
  • The Church Car Park has had two break-ins recently and there is also evidence of drug taking in the Car Park.


Youth Club

The Chairman of the EnfordAV Youth club attended the meeting to support an application for a Grant for the Youth Club.   They are starting a new arm of the Youth Club which will be for older children up to 15 years. They would like a start up grant for the hire of the Committee Room for a year which would be a total of £180.   To be discussed in Agenda Item 4.


Prospective new Councillor

Mr. Steve Perry attended the meeting to introduce himself to the Councillors and to say why he would like to become a Parish Councillor.   The Chairman thanked him for attending the meeting and said that his application will be discussed under Confidential Business, Agenda Item 12.



PC Lucy Wileman reported that everything is quiet in Netheravon at the moment.   It was reported that there are signs of drug taking in the Church car park and also that cars have been broken into.   PC Wileman asked that every instance be reported to the police either by dialling 101 or Mary Towle will report direct to her if she is given the information.   It is very important to report each instance so that the police can build up a picture of what is happening in the village. If there is a problem in the Village, the police will do targeted patrols in the area.   PC Wileman encouraged everyone to sign up to Community Messaging so that you can be up to date with what is happening in your area. 

Cllr. Collison asked if the Police are doing speed checks along the A345 as promised.   PC Wileman will look into this.


Cllr. Ian Blair-Pilling reported that:

  • Cllr. Blair Pilling reported:

  • He is working hard to resolve the traffic problem at the Pound
  • He attended a Core Strategy meeting to find out the views of Councillors on where the £10,000 new houses should be built from 2026.
  • Netheravon’s application to the Boundary Commission for a change of boundary will be considered in the future.
  • Community Foundation has a scheme called ‘Surviving Winter Fund and Warm and Safe.   This is a fund which is administered by Wiltshire Community Foundation. Vulnerable people can apply for £300 to help pay for winter costs.



Apologies were received from Cllr:  David Burke



There were no Declaration of Interests



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 10th October, 2019 be accepted as a true record.




1.  Authorization of Cheques 

The following cheques were approved for the month of September 2019:

St. John Ambulance £100.00

Wiltshire Search and Rescue £75.00

Hurdcott Landscapes £199.60

Savills – Landmarc – Mill Park rent £365.00

Water Charges – MOD - cemetery £16.88

Water2Business – allotments D&G £43.70

Payroll £967.55

Mrs. M. Towle – use of home as office + PH Key £40.00

British Legion Poppy Appeal £100.00

RGV Engineering – misc work £294.00

Phoenix Hall – 2nd tranche of donation £2650.00

Glasdon UK – picnic tables £1800.00

Cheerful Cuppa £150.00


2.  Bank reconciliation

Balance to agree with bank statement: £26,814.43


3. Donations

It was RESOLVED that the following donations be given:

  • Youth Club £90.00   Review in June 2020

4. Items to be included in budget 2020/2021

  • Phoenix Hall
  • War Memorial
  • Power in Millennium Park – agreed in principle
  • New Noticeboard




1.  Planning

Cllr. Burke reported that there were no new Planning Applications


2.  Flooding and Adverse Weather

  • The Clerk reported that RGV have picked up a pallet load of salt from the Highpost Depot and put it into the Emergency Store.   
  • The Clerk was asked to find out whether Wiltshire Council have looked at the Emergency Plan and whether they have any comments


3.  Highways

  • The Clerk reported that the Bus Stop at Avon Camp East has been re-instated.


4.  Cemetery/Enhancement

  • It was agreed that we would have a Christmas Tree outside the Library this year.   The Chairman and Clerk to action.
  • The tubs have been cleared of summer flowers and planted with bulbs and pansies

5.  Recreation

  • The picnic tables have arrived and have been put together by RGV Engineering.
  • The Clerk reported that the BMX track is being worked on at the moment with her permission.   Cllr. Linscer to keep a check on progress. The Clerk has inspected the area and has found that it is being kept clean and tidy with no rubbish being left.


6.  Allotments

  • The Clerk reported that several people are likely to give up their allotments at the end of the gardening year.   There are 2 people on the waiting list.
  • Cllr. Covil and RGV have winterised the standpipes


7.  Phoenix Hall

Finances show a current bank balance of £5,831.  

October income was £746 (£1,030 in 2018), and outgoings were £273 (£729 in 2018) a small trading surplus.  We look forward to the second injection of Parish Council funds.  The PHMC has received significant grants from the local Coop stores (Amesbury, Solstice park, Boscombe and Archers Gate) and have applied to be one of their Charities of Choice for 2020.

Prior to getting a new carpet in the committee room early in 2020 the PHMC is asking hirers to consolidate their use of cabinets in that room.  The PHMC is disposing of unwanted cabinets.  The aim to improve the look of the room to make it more attractive.  New lights may be installed.

The new heaters in the main hall work well, but have caused confusion amongst some users.  This was anticipated until they get used to them.  On occasion they have been left on for days by hirers, this was not anticipated.  Notices have been altered to make them simpler to understand. 

The loft space is available for some archive storage, but will need boarding out if it is to be used properly.

Our maintenance / improvement priorities remain:

  • New emergency exit doors for the main hall. (£3,500 +)
  • New carpet for the committee room. (£800+)
  • New taps for the toilets
  • New efficient outside lighting
  • New lighting in the committee room

The front door key change happened on 23/10/19.  It is a non-copyable key. There is a new key safe located outside the main door, this helps the booking clerk’s operation of the hall.  It has regular code changes. 

A fund-raising event of a Race Night will be held on Saturday 1/2/20.

In conjunction with the Jubilee Committee, there is an initial idea to hold an afternoon (& evening?) event on Sunday 10/5/20 as part of the village’s VE75 Celebrations.  This may be a film show (?1917), but will be aimed at the older population of our villages.

Please use www.smile.amazon.co.uk if you buy from Amazon - it helps our village hall.

Charles Coslett, Chairman, Phoenix Hall Committee


8.  Rights of Way

Avon Valley Rights of Way Group

The Clerk reported that there have been 2 working parties.   The kissing gate at Corfe End Lakes has been refurbished and the undergrowth cut back.   Also a new kissing gate on Long Ground, Fittleton has been installed.   The Group will be installing 3 more kissing gates in the future and they have been lucky enough to secure the funding from the Paths for All Area Board Project.


9.  Jubilee Committee

It was reported that suggestions for the VE75 Celebrations include:

  • Procession and children’s party at the Millennium Park on Friday
  • Ticket event at the Dog and Gun with Swing Band on Saturday night
  • Film Show and tea party provided by Cheerful Cuppa on Sunday

The next Jubilee Committee meeting will be held on 19th November 2019.




  • Tidworth Community Area Board

The next Area Board is on 25th November in Phoenix Hall at 7.00pm.  It is hoped that councillors will attend as it is local.   Cheerful Cuppa will be providing refreshments




The Clerk reported:

  • She will ask the Village Handyman to take down the poppies from the poles.   Cllr. Burke will remove the silhouettes.




  1. WALC Newsletter – has been forwarded by email to all Councillors
  2. Community Policing Newsletter – has been forwarded by email to all Councillors
  3. Army rebasing Newsletter – has been forwarded by email to all Councillors
  4. Highways Newsletter – has been forwarded by email to all Councillors




  1. Cllr. Collison reported again that the pavement along the A345 is uneven and poorly lit.   Clerk to report it as an issue.



Thursday 9th January, 2020 at 7.00 pm in the Phoenix Hall



It was RESOLVED that in the interest of the public, the next item of business be dealt with as Confidential Business, and the press and public be excluded.




It was RESOLVED that Steve Perry be asked to become a Parish Councillor.


It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council pay £1200 for the Phoenix Hall Clerk and £5300 plus 3% to help with running costs of the Phoenix Hall.