Minutes of the Meeting held in the Phoenix Hall on Thursday 13th January 2022 at 7.00pm

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr. D. BurkeChairman
Cllr. R. AylingVice-Chairman
Cllr. F. Collison
Cllr. B. Covil
Cllr. D. Jaffrey
Cllr. Mrs. M. Mitchell
Cllr. Mrs. P. Panther
Cllr. Mrs. P. Perry
Cllr. S. Perry
In Attendance:2 members of the public
Cllr. Ian Blair-PillingWiltshire Councillor
Mrs. Mary TowleClerk of the Council


A member of the public described how his daughter was involved in a head-on collision on the A345 near the Caravan Park.   The car driving north lost control of his vehicle and drove into his daughter’s car going in the opposite direction.   He asked that the Parish Council contact CATG and further the request for a speed limit reduction.   The Chairman informed him that the request has been escalated and is now one of the top 5 priorities at CATG.   However the process is long and drawn out and no quick solution is possible. 

He was asked to send details and photos to the Clerk to pass on to CATG. 


Cllr. Blair-Pilling reported that he will be calling in the two planning applications for the corner of Piggot Close and A345 if Wiltshire Council are minded to approve it.

He reported that there will be a Jubilee Committee Meeting on 16th November.

Cllr. Blair-Pilling agreed to find out about the long term arrangements for the layby on the A345 and the gravel which is being stored there.



Apologies were received from:  Cllr. C. Coslett



There were no Declaration of Interests



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 11th November 2021 be accepted as a true record.



1 .    Authorization of Cheques 

The following cheques were approved for the months of November/December 2021 and January 22:


SSE – Village Clock     £29.61

David Sheppard – Millennium Park     £100.00

Mrs. M. Towle – Stationary + open evening     £47.26

Cemetery Water – MOD     £19.89

RBL – Poppy Appeal     £100.00

Wessex Water – allotments     £44.04

Heartbeat Trust – box for defibrillator     £514.95

CommuniCorp – Jubilee Mugs     £1657.92

Sarah Brown – wine for open evening     £38.24

Mrs. M. Towle – plants + Christmas Tree     £96.00

Payroll     £988.47

Mrs. M. Towle – Use of home as office     £30.00

Payroll     £938.72

Mrs. M. Towle – use of home as office     £30.00

Mrs. M. Towle – staff presents     £33.00

All Saints School – Books project     £100.00

SSE – Village Clock    £29.32

Hurdcott Landscapes Ltd     £203.83


2 .    Bank reconciliation

Balance of transactions    £31,751.67

Uncleared withdrawals     £5,075.53

Balance in bank      £36,827.20 


3 .  To agree Budget for the year 2022/2023

It was RESOLVED that the precept requirement for 2020/21 be £23,646.00 which is £62.75 on a Band D property.   This is a reduction of approximately 10%.



1 .     Planning

In the absence of the Chairman of Planning, Cllr. Coslett, the Clerk read out his report:


1 .    On 23/11/21 the planning committee held a Planning Meeting, open to the public to discuss the 2 plans submitted for land in Piggott Close.   

PL/2021/10078 for pair of semi-detached houses,

PL/2021/10625 for a 4 bedroom house behind the semi-detached houses.   

The Council RESOLVED to object to both applications.   Amongst the reasons included:  development being outside the settlement boundary for the village, dangerous access to A345, over development of the site, no allowance for spaces for visitors’ cars.

2 .    On 22/12/2021 the Council received a second formal complaint from a parishioner on its handling of the planning application concerning the Old Brewery Yard.   The 10-page submission expressed no confidence in NPC’s handling of the planning application process, asserting it had failed to follow National Guidelines during the lockdown periods in early 2021.   The applicant wants Wiltshire Council to re-visit its decision to pass this application.   NPC is discussing this complaint at in Agenda Item 7 at this meeting to agree the appropriate response to the parishioner.   NPC maintains it did follow all rules during lockdown.


2 .    Flooding and Adverse Weather

  • Nothing to report


3 .    Highways 

It has been reported that the footpath between Thorne Road and Piggot Close on the A345 is very weedy.   This is destroying the tarmac and will cause problems in the future.   Cllr. Covil agreed to ask the Parish Steward to remove the weeds and spray if appropriate.


4 .  CATG

The next CATG meeting is being held on 2nd February, 2022.


5 .    Cemetery/Enhancement

  • Cllrs. Panther and Perry have agreed to plant the spare trees in the Cemetery
  • Cllr. Panther agreed to research hanging basket brackets for the poles along the High Street.


6 .    Recreation  

1 .    The Clerk reported that she had a meeting with the MoD and Landmarc to discuss the ash trees in the Millennium.   Landmarc disclosed that they are happy to include all the ash trees in their contract and will remove them free of charge for the Parish Council.  However, if the Parish Council decide to retain any trees they will be the responsibility of the Parish Council to pay for removal when they die.

It was RESOLVED to ask Landmarc to remove all ash trees.   The Parish Council also agreed that the lime trees along the Choulston Farm Road should be pollarded to be in line with the lime trees along Church Path.

2 .    The Clerk reported that new horizontal beams for one of the picnic tables had to be fitted as they were broken.   This probably happened when the benches were moved.


7 .    Allotments

The two spare allotments have been taken.   The Handyman has been asked to clear the allotments of rubbish.   The allotments will then be cultivated by a local farmer ready for taking over on 1st April.


8 .    Phoenix Hall

Recruitment for a new person to take on the Treasurer’s role has been successful.   Mrs. Mather is handing over to Mr. Nigel Jackaman, already a committee member for the hall.   The role of Booking Clerk is taking longer to fill.   Adverts have been placed on Facebook and in the Newsletter.   So far only one applicant has expressed an interest.   They do not live in the village.

Work on the change of the look to the front of the hall is underway.  Completion date is spring 2022.


Plans include:

  • Installing new faster more reliable Broadband
  • Examine solar PV for the roof and
  • Fast EV charging points for the village based at the hall.

Charles Coslett, Chairman, Management Committee


9 .   Rights of Way

Nothing to report


10 .  Jubilee Committee

It has been decided that there will be a street party in the weekend of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.   There is a Committee Meeting on 16th November, 2021




Stonehenge Community Area Board

The next meeting will be on 31st March, 2022.   Cllr. Ayling provisionally agreed to attend.




All Parish Councillors received a copy of the complaint in advance of the meeting and they were given an  opportunity to comment.   Cllr. Ayling read out a suggested draft response to the complaint.   It was RESOLVED that the response should be sent to the complainant in full.   The response is attached to these minutes as Annex A.




a .    Beacon/Bonfire

The Clerk reported that there is a meeting of all Clerks and Chairman in the Avon Valley on 20th January.   Cllr. Burke will raise it at the meeting.

b .   Queen’ Green Canopy

The Clerk reported that she has asked the MoD if we could take over a parcel of land under license to plant a Jubilee wood.

c .   Adult Outdoor Exercise Equipment

The Clerk reported that the funding is in place and the project will be started in the Spring.

d .   Jubilee mugs for children

It was agreed that all children of 11 years and under will receive a Jubilee Mug.   The Clerk reported that the Area Board has agreed to part fund the mugs.

e .    Best Front Garden Competition

It was agreed that there would be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.   £75, £50, and £25.



The Clerk reported that the Netheravon Showcase was very successful.   There were not as many members of the public as we would like, but another time it was agreed that it should be held in the summer months when the evenings are lighter.   The Clerk reported that as a result of talks at the Showcase, Netheravon has received Area Board grants for the Jubilee mugs, the School Circular Walk tri-fold, funding towards the Adult Exercise Equipment and the Raizer Chair for the Netheravon 1st Responder.



Wiltshire Council Briefing Notes are forwarded on to all Parish Councillors



  1. The Council dinner will be re-arranged for 16th February at the Swan Inn at Enford
  2. The Advent windows was won by Kim Sheppard of 109 High Street and the Best Front Garden by Chell Castle of 52 Mill Road.   £20 cheques will be deliver to them in due course.
  3. The Clerk confirmed that the Welcome Pack is almost ready.   She will bring it to the next Parish Council Meeting for approval.
  4. The Clerk confirmed that the Defibrillator case has arrived and will be fitted shortly
  5.   It was agreed that there is not a problem with litter around the shop so a litter bin is not necessary.   The Parish Council Litter Warden goes around the village every day and picks up any litter.
  6. A plaque will be put on the community bench in due course.



Thursday 10th February, 2022 at 7.00 pm in the Phoenix Hall.  

Annex A


Response to Complaint from Mr. M. Ewance on 22/12/21 

Reference Planning Application 20/10921/FUL


On 6th January 2021, England entered a National Lockdown, which ended, in a series of steps, from 29th March through to 17th May 2021.

Netheravon Parish Council (NPC) held no meetings during this period until it was obliged to do so.   During the above period there was no obligation on the Parish Council to hold council meetings, or planning meetings.   The first meeting it was required to hold was the Annual General Meeting which had to be within 14 days of the local elections which were held on 6th May 2021.   The Annual General Meeting was held face-to-face on 20th May, 2021, and the public was invited.   This was 3 days after the easing of the lockdown restrictions allowed such a meeting to take place.

During the lockdown the Parish Clerk contacted the Planning Committee Councillors by phone for their views on all planning applications the Council received during that period.   The above application was received by NPC after 6th January and the comments were required by 4th February.   Independently the planning committee councillors chose the “no comment” option as the fairest and most suitable neutral response to the planning application involving the Old Brewery Works on which your complaint is centred.

Following your complaint to NPC on this matter, the Council has spent time reviewing its policies and procedures on planning applications.   It restates that its preferred route for significant planning applications is to hold face-to-face public meetings, whenever such public meetings are allowed.

NPC regrets it did not issue a standing order stating its position, at the start of lockdown in January 2021, in line with Regulation 5 of the Local Authorities (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020, so that parishioners would have known that it intended not to hold meetings of any type during lockdown.

NPC is sorry that you have felt it necessary to formally complain to Wiltshire Council over this matter.   It was not the intention of NPC to cause you distress or upset through its actions during lockdown and for this it apologises.