Netheravon Remembrance

Netheravon launches new book and website

Village Soldiers Website & Book Launch

A huge crowd filled the Phoenix Hall in Netheravon for the launch of the book entitled The Village Soldiers of Netheravon, Haxton, Fittleton and Enford by Wayne Price.   Wayne has spent several years researching the lives of the soldiers from the Villages who went off to the Great War and did not return.   It is a fascinating study and brings the lives of the people of the three villages to life with copies of manuscripts and old photographs all through the book.   Also launched at this event was a new website also called Village Soldiers which has digitised maps of the villages at the beginning of the last century.   The website is and has been built by Ritchie Ayling with help from Maureen Mitchell who obtained the old photographs.

There but not there……..

Silhouettes in the Netheravon Church signifying the eight people from Netheravon who died in WW1.

There but not there....There but not there....Tom Kitten joins the wreath layers in the sun in Netheravon

Tom Kitten joins the wreath layers in the sun in Netheravon