Netheravon Parish Council News


The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who helped with the very busy week of events to mark the Centenary of the end of the Great War.



We have a wonderful lasting reminder of the fallen from the three villages of Enford, Fittleton and Netheravon in the shape of a book written by Wayne Price.   This has biographies of all the people from the villages who did not come back together with background information, history of the area, old photos and manuscripts.   It is a fascinating read and the first print has already sold out. A reprint has been ordered and if you would like a copy of the book could you please contact Maureen Mitchell via the Netheravon Noticeboard facebook page or you can contact her by email on and she will reserve you a copy.


NEW WEBSITE has been built by Ritchie Ayling with help from Maureen Mitchell and shows digitised maps of the villages which pin points where the people lived and gives short biographies of them.   The old photos of the villages are fascinating and the website is well worth a visit.



The Parish Council would like to extend many thanks to Wayne and Ritchie for all their brilliant work which has given Netheravon a memorial of the Centenary of WW1 of which we can be justly proud.



The Parish Council agreed at the last Council Meeting to raise the parish precept to enable them to support the Phoenix Hall which is struggling to cover day to day expenses.   This is a wonderful community facility which is owned by everyone in the Village so by increasing the precept by 27pence a week for a Band D property the Phoenix Hall Management Committee will not have the worry of how to pay their bills, but will be able to concentrate on improving the Hall and replacing dilapidated fittings which have been there since the Hall was built in 1985.

To book the Hall go to



Cllr. Brian Covil reported at the recent Parish Council meeting that the drains in the High Street were worked on by Wiltshire Council over a period of 3 days and as a result they are now completely clear of roots and the road does not flood.



Thanks to everyone who planted trees at the Cemetery.   40 trees to remember the fallen of the three villages have been planted as a continuation of the avenue of yews.    Each has a poppy fixed to it which is a spectacular sight and it is hoped that poppies will be fixed to them every year as a memorial to the people who gave their lives in the Great War.



After a lot of delays, we now have some lovely new play equipment in the Millennium Park.   The money to pay for this was granted by an Awards for All Lottery Grant. We are very grateful to the National Lottery for awarding Netheravon Parish Council this money.   A party for the children will be held soon – details will be posted on facebook.



Walking down the High Street it is very noticeable that dog fouling has increased with the dark nights.   It is very inconsiderate of people not to pick up dog mess, especially as many children walk along the High Street to School each day. Campylobacterioses and other bacterial diseases can be transmitted to humans by dog faeces.  PLEASE  pick up after your dog.   We have zero tolerance in Netheravon and you will be reported to the authorities if you are caught.   You could be fined up to £1000 for letting your dog foul the streets or open spaces.


CHEERFUL CUPPA will be hosting a performance by Pewsey Male Voice Choir on Tuesday, 11th December at 11.00am in the Phoenix Hall.   There will be mulled wine and Christmas goodies, a Raffle and Bring and Buy and of course, FREE tea, coffee and cakes.   Proceeds will go to Alzheimer’s Research.


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